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Handjobs and More

As far as I understand it Manojob is the Spanish for handjob. A realise a simple bit of Googling could confirm that, but does it really matter all that match.

The important bit is that this is the king dingaling site when it comes to handjobs. The site is dedicated to it but not exclusive to it because frankly, that might get a little boring and also, they would probably be selling themselves short. We all know that hardly any handjob ever stays at a handjob and that is the same here.

So every scene on this site contains some decent handjob content but it’s not all they contain. Everything else is in play too, well everything else mainstream before you smartasses take that out of context 😀

Some tossing, a bit of sucking and of course there’s fucking.

You can get a Manojob discount for up to 73% off the regular price and pay next to nothing for a quality site that is the leader of its niche, contains a ton of content and gets regular updates.

Hotel Heiress

To be this guy for a day

This is the guy so many of us guys would like to be for a day or two.

He goes by the name of James Deen and I wouldn’t know if I have actually heard of him before on account of the fact that I might just be confusing him with the fame of the person’s name he borrowed as his porn alias.

I have to concede that I’m not one who idolises, it’s just never appealed to me and as such I find myself completely lost even in conversations where people mention their favourite actors in Hollywood movies or chat about present day singers and entertainers. I just couldn’t care less and as such I wouldn’t even be able to name female pornstars let alone give a fuck about the who’s who of male pornstars.

What I do care about though is what people do and how good they are at it and since this guy seems to be fucking every hotty under the sun and making a fortune out of I find myself in admiration.

Check out this instant 51% off discount to James Deen, the man who leads a life many of us men would like to lead for a day.

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So what was the news again?

To an extent, I feel like I’m a little kid again watching the news in that I just can’t concentrate on a word they’re saying. Of course the reasons are vastly different.

They do do the news, that bit I know, but I haven’t even bothered trying to listen if it’s just bullshit news or if it’s actually relevant and current. I have a feeling they’ve gone all the way here though and that the news that they do is actual news. I’d be surprised of course if it was as current as a proper news station but you’d be a moron if you were visiting the site for actual news and not just full on entertainment.

It is certainly entertaining. If it’s just a novelty for me at this stage is hard to tell. I don’t know how long I’ll be amused by it but for the moment I thoroughly am and if you think that you might like to enjoy something like this then you may want to check out this Naked News discount for 70% off.

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The Perfect Space For You

If you’re new to Property Sex, then you’re about to be in for a real treat. This site features only the hottest babes in the industry and they want to show you the perfect space for you. That’s right, they’re pretend real estate agents that show their partners around and then do whatever it takes to seal the deal.

Right now you can take advantage of this Property Sex discount for $10 each month and see what it’s like to close the deal. This site is absolutely gorgeous and I’m not just talking about the babes. The videos are done using the best equipment available, giving viewers crystal clear shots every time. And trust me, you won’t want to miss a thing. You’ll be sure to find plenty of seduction that turns to blowjobs in no time. These sexy vixens are even willing to take a big rock hard cock up the ass if that’s what it takes to get their hot, hulky partners to sign on the dotted line.

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Celebrity Nipple Slips

If you like perv’ing over your celebrity crushes, watching the hottest from the silver screen or perhaps a singer or models then you’ll love checking out all these pics.

The girl in the picture is Iggy Azalea the Australian born rap artist. apparently her real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly but who gives a shit really. I personally think she’s a bit of a butter-face, you know where everything is quite fine but-her-face, but hey, she’s cool.

I saw a pic of Jennifer Aniston too with her nipples piercing through her top. You can actually see the outline of her bra too as it seems either the top is a bit clingy or perhaps it was a little windy when the picture was taken, pushing her thin top flush against her chest. Point is (nice pun?) that you could very clearly make out her nipple stand right through her bra and top so it’s quite a fierce boob erection.

Yeah man, check out and share the best celebrity nipple pics.

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Mature Girl Brenda Sunny On Webcam


I really think all camgirls could learn a thing or two from this spunky webcam model. She is just the type of stunner that takes your attention and never lets it go. When her cam show goes live you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be there watching her and chatting with her live. I really dig older cam girls and she really carries herself nicely. There’s a certain elegance about her and this really comes through when she is broadcasting live.

What I really like most about her is she is really someone you can talk with, she is never too busy to say hello to her viewers in the free live chat. In fact brenda sunny would love it if you guys had a few minutes spare to come and say hello to her. She is going live real soon and you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out on her mature webcam show!

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Monique Makes Fantasies a Reality in London

Monique Girls London Escorts

Monique isn’t just beautiful. The girl is drop dead gorgeous in an elegant sort of way. She is exactly the sort of babe that you hope for when booking a high class escort. Sexy as well as smart and sophisticated, the busty blonde makes for an excellent fine dining date or companion to corporate events. With a talent for seamlessly socializing in all crowds, the 5’6″ Eastern European will make you the envy of other men any where you take her. That envy will only intensify once they see you taking her back to your room. Monique is proof that cheap London escorts are far from low quality or class.

No matter where you are staying in London, a worthwhile fantasy girl can be delivered straight to your door. Whether you are interested in Heathrow escorts or escorts in Kings Cross, Girls London Escorts is the agency to contact. Reputable with the most engaging women at extremely reasonable rates, customer satisfaction is priority.


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Cheap London Hotel Escorts

Escort in London

Now that you have watched the Paris Hilton sex tape, it is time to start having your own hot sex. What could be hotter than hooking up with a stranger while on vacation in a big city? Of course, it can be time consuming trying to pick up random women and you never know how responsive they will be. The best bet for surefire sex is to go ahead and book an escort. Get a cheap White Chapel hotel escort or one anywhere in London through the same agency. A gorgeous girl can be at your door fast. Rates typically start at £100 an hour + taxi fare, but it is always a good idea to call the agency for an accurate estimate.

After browsing the mouthwatering selection of Escorts in London, you can choose whether you want a skinny blonde like Paris or a different look entirely. Then make the call and get the cash ready. You will be having a great time before you know it!

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Film a Hot Blonde on Your Cock

Rachel Affordable London Escorts

If you have watched sex tapes and would love to see your cock starring in one, why not make it happen? If you want a busty escort London has plenty to choose from. Take your pick and get ready for explicit action. Either find a good location to set up your camera, or use a steady hand for shooting POV style.

Do you like the look of Rachel? The skinny blue eyes blonde is a 23-year-old elite escort that looks great sucking cock. Can’t you just imagine her pretty mouth wrapped around yours? Rachel is your chance to make your own hotel sex tape. Available for outcall appointments, she will come to your room and keep you company. Erotic and exquisite, she is perfect sex tape material.

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Beautiful Hotel Escorts In Vienna


If there’s one thing that’s certain about cute escort model Doris is that she is always going to raise a few eyebrows. This girl is just gorgeous, she has a beautiful smile and when she enters a room you can be sure all eyes are on her. Doris loves the finer things in life and she is always looking for some likeminded male company to join her. This Vienna hotel escort enjoys going out for romantic dinners and often rewards her dates with exotic deep tissue massages, she has some of the smoothest hands I’ve ever felt and if your ever lucky enough to have them running all over your body I’m sure you will agree she has many talents.


Doris isn’t the only Vienna escort available, you have a multitude of gorgeous women who are only a short visit away from your hotel room in Vienna. It’s all about taste and what smoking hot escort you would prefer to have in your hotel room. Sensual delights are waiting for you right now, can you be tempted to enjoy passionate times with beautiful escorts in Vienna?

Hotel Heiress

Wien Hotel Escort Ivana Is Your Lover Away From Home

IVANA Vienna Escort

Flying into Wien can be very lonely for most men, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of escorts who can help a man feel comforts from home and boost his confidence. If you are one of those men who are in need of a boost make the call to Extraklasse Escort Agency. Girls like Ivana are perfect lovers for those who are away from home.

It only takes one call to +43 664 473 9984 to have a beautiful escort who is high class in every way from her appearance to the way she takes care of your every need.

Extraklasse has prices for every budget and girls to fit all needs. Call and ask about rates for overnight stays, week long stays or even travel to other countries.

This high class agency Wien is also expanding to other areas, such as: Graz, Linz, Innsbruck and Salzburg. Within one hour you can have a pretty women at your door. Prices start at just 150 Euros for your first hour.

Call now before somebody else takes your special girl!

Hotel Heiress

Hotel Heiress Sex Tape; Paris Hilton’s Porn Debut




The Hotel Heiress, Paris Hilton is caught on tape having sex with her boyfriend Rick Solomon in a hotel room. Who is Rick Solomon? You probably know him as the ex-husband of another Hollywood socialite Shannon Doherty.

Reports are conflicting on whether or not Paris Hilton knew she was being video taped. In the video Paris behaves just like a real pornstar! Paris sucks Rick’s cock and allows him to lick her pink clit before he fucks her brains out.Paris appears to be enjoying herself!


Paris Hilton comes forward with the shocking revelation that it was indeed her blowing Rick Solomon’s massive cock on a video tape that has been released to the public.

However, Paris had this to say about her now ex-boyfriend Rick, "He’s a complete liar and a scum bag. He is a very sick man. People love to talk shit because they’re jealous. I don’t care. Whatever."

Without a large cock in her mouth, it is hard to understand what Paris Hilton is trying to convey. But be assured it is obvious she wants Rick to cum in her mouth during the video.


Remember what happened to the people who were downloading music illegally? They got sued by the recording industry. Now don’t be a complete douch bag and have the Sheriff serve you with a subpoena at your moms house for watching nudity videos on her broadband connection. That’d suck ass!

Or worse, your wife leaves you because you have been staying up until 3am to look for shit you can get here for the price of a saved marriage!



You never know when a Congressman is going to do something totally stupid and idiotic. Take Rep. Mark Foley for example. The douchebag just got busted for molesting kids he passed legislation to protect!

Don’t wait for this to happen to the Paris Hilton Sex Tape, get your Hotel Heiress access now!

P.S. Mark Foley is a cock sucker.


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